Commercial Pest Control

Serving Tulsa + Surrounding Areas

Our technicians have provided pest control services in many commercial environments, including:

  • Agricultural buildings
  • Apartment buildings and condominiums
  • Healthcare facilities and hospitals
  • Manufacturing and other industrial settings
  • Restaurants
  • Retail spaces
  • Schools and universities

Tulsa Commercial Pest Control Environments


Our Tulsa ant control specialists can help you identify where they are getting in, provide you with expert-level ant extermination services, and help you prevent them from coming back.

Bees & Wasps

Our bee and wasp control experts have the training, skill, and equipment to remove bees and wasps from your commercial property safely.


Keeping you business clear of cockroaches and in compliance with local health department and FDA is our #1 priority. Our Tulsa experts can identify, exterminate and prevent an infestation.


Our mosquito exterminators have the skill and experience to help control the population of mosquitoes around your commercial property in Tulsa or the surrounding areas.


Reliable protection from mice & rats. Our rodent control experts in Tulsa have extensive training, and we know best how to remove mice and rats from your business.


If you are struggling with a spider infestation in your commercial space or on your property in Tulsa, Manning Pest Services can help.